Wednesday, 9 December 2015



Gary Haden 
9th rd 189th overall (2014)
15-16 Team- CFR Chemicals Bisons (AMHL)

20GP 12G 25A 37PTS 14PIM
*AMHL scoring leader*

Zachary Cox
8th rd 167th overall (2014)
15-16 Team- CFR Chemicals Bisons (AMHL)

20GP 3G 2A 5PTS 12PIM

Robert Holmes
11th rd 232nd overall (2014)
15-16 Team- Sherwood Park Kings (AMHL)

9GP 2G 5A 7PTS
*got stats directly from Robbie on twitter, all his stats have been with a playing cast on as he broke his wrist earlier in the year*

Carson Welke
7th rd 145th overall (2014)
15-16 Team- Yorkton Terriers (SJHL)

27GP 7G 18A 25PTS 58PIM

Braydon Buziak
List Player
15-16 Team- Battleford Stars (SJHL)

29GP 3G 7A 10PTS 35PIM

Dalton Ossman
List Player
15-16 Team- Calgary Canucks (AJHL)

30GP 5G 4A 9PTS 43PIM

Trygve Many Guns
List Player
15-16 Team- Drumheller Dragons (AJHL)

14GP 1G 2A 3PTS 14PIM

Erik Gardiner
2nd rd 35th overall (2014)
15-16 Team- Prince Albert Mintos (SMAAAHL)

22GP 5G 21A 26PTS  16PIM
*TOP 10 scorer in SMAAAHL*

Lukas Sillinger
6th rd 126th overall (2015)
15-16 Team- Regina Pat Canadians (SMAAAHL)

23GP 6G 14A 20PTS 4PIM
*TOP 20 scorer in SMAAAHL*

Bryan Lockner
3rd rd 58th overall (2015)
15-16 Team- Colorado Thunderbirds U16

*no stats for Lockner he had shoulder surgery from the injury he got at camp and not able to play til end of January* 

Trevor Janicke
List Player
15-16 Team- Maple Grove High School (MNHS)

7GP 5G 3A 8PTS

Landon Langenbrunner
List Player
15-16 Team- Minnesota High School

11GP 9G 5A 14PTS 4PIM

Riley Krane
8th rd 168th overall (2015)
15-16 Team- OHA Midget Prep White (CSSHL)

11GP 2G 4A 6PTS 16PIM

Mackenzie Belinski
8th rd 155th overall (2015)
15-16 Team- Yellowhead Chiefs (MMHL)

18GP 3G 14A 17PTS 18PIM

Riley Woods
List Player
15-16 Team- Regina Pat Canadians

6GP 5G 6A 11PTS 6PIM


Dawson Barteaux
1st rd 14th overall (2015)
15-16 Team- Yellowhead Chiefs (MMHL)

11GP 3G 11A 14PTS 4PIM

Riley Bruce
5th rd 101st overall (2014)
15-16 Team- Winnipeg Thrashers (MMHL)

18GP 5G 13A 18PTS 107PIM
*Leads MMHL in penalty minutes & 3rd in Dmen scoring*

Jack Lenchyshyn
7th rd 146th overall (2015)
15-16 Team- Eastman Selects (MMHL)

17GP 1G 9A 10PTS 12PIM

Adam Sandstrom
10th rd 211th overall (2014)
15-16 Team- Red Deer Chiefs (AMHL)

17GP 0G 8A 8PTS 12PIM
*stats from Adam himsefl via twitter*

Tyler Pryhitka
3rd rd 62nd overall (2015)
15-16 Team- Swift Current Legionnaires (SMAAAHL)

12GP 2G 2A 4PTS 31PIM

Owen Williams 
9th rd 190th overall (2015)
15-16 Team- Notre Dame Hounds (SMAAAHL)

26GP 1G 7A 8PTS 65PIM

Liam Schioler
2nd rd 28th overall (2013)
15-16 Team- Lincoln Stars (USHL)

20GP 0G 3A 3PTS 21PIM

Austin Johnston
List Player
15-16 Team- Moose Jaw Generals (SMAAAHL)

20GP 5G 9A 14PTS 16PIM


Kurtis Chapman
7th rd 138th overall (2013)
15-16 Team- Olds grizzlys (AJHL)

22GP 9W 11L 2T  3.86GAA  .903SV%  1SO

Max Paddock
10th rd 212th overall (2015)
15-16 Team- Brandon Wheat Kings (MMHL)

15GP 3W 4L  2.59GAA .902SV%

Ben Laidlaw
List Player
15-16 Team- Edge Hockey School Prep (CSSHL)

20GP 9W 11L  2.93GAA  .911SV%   1SO

All stats as of Dec. 12th 2015

Saturday, 29 August 2015

Training Camp 2015 Day 1

Morning practices were first on the plate for the rookies/prospects of 2015, the players who were expected to stand out did stand out with not many surprises to me. For me the only surprise was Many Guns not out on the ice and haven't heard anything as of yet as to where he is or if he showed up.

Team White
The player I was most interested in seeing was Bryan Lockner, his skill set is right up there with players like Leschyshyn, Woods and Elmer all of who are older then Lockner. Lockner could play in this league this season if the rules would allow him too, hopefully one day he will wear a Pats jersey in league action as he will be a star and most likely a 1st round NHL pick if he keeps developing.

Other players that stood out for me on Team White were
Leschyshyn- not a surprise as he was solid last season after his midget season ended
Pouteau- smooth skater and will make this team
Sandstrom- big kid who is hard to miss but I think a year away
Woytcke- biggest kid in camp who skates well, I think will be given a long look
Gardiner- skating needs abit of work still but has the skill set
Chapman- will be pushing for a spot in the crease but I don't think he cracks our team but will be in the AJHL

Team Blue
For me the top player on this team is Riley Woods, his compete level and skills are ready for this level and he has a hockey IQ that is the best out of all these rookies/prospects.

Other players that stood out for me on Team Blue were
Zablocki- don't think he will have any problems replacing Gabrielle, is ready for the WHL
Freadrich- smoothest skater out of all the Dmen, playing in the AJHL last year has him ready for the WHL
Knyzhov- skates well is up there with Freadrich and Pouteau, plus he likes to shoot with the slap shot
Ossman- small agile forward who has a lot of skill, don't think he is ready this year though see him being a Woods of last year though.

Team Red
This is the team built from the net out, Jordan Hollett looked like a seasoned vet during drills and he will push Brown to the max for that backup spot. I got no idea which direction the Pats are going in the crease but they got 4 quality goalies to choose from.

Other players that stood out for me on Team Red were
Elmer- pure goal scorer and will be on the roster this year, is a key building block with Steel
Holmes- for me he is the player that has developed the most since the first Spring Camp he was here. He will push for a spot this year
Haden- another small skilled forward, I don't see him cracking this years roster could be in the AJHL and will be ready the following season
Barteaux- expect him to see some preseason action in the tournament he will develop into a big time defensive star just needs time

All he comments above are based off of the drills, but with that said none of the players I mentioned came in at a big surprise as these are the players that are pushing for spots this season and should be noticeable. Only Lockner and Barteaux were mentioned who can not play this year.

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Spring Camp (rosters & general comments)

Regina, Saskatchewan – The Regina Pats will hold their annual spring camp this weekend.  It runs from Friday, May 29 to Sunday, May 31 at the Cooperators Arena.
This year’s camp is the largest the Pats have held in recent years.  It features prospects with 2000, 1999 and 1998 birth years.  The camp is fans first chance to get a look at prospects from Regina’s 2015 draft class including Dawson Barteaux (1st Rd), Bryan Lockner (3rd Rd) and Tyler Pryhitka (3rd Rd).  Also on the ice will be nine undrafted list players, six of which take part in their first camp with the Pats.
Included in this year’s roster are five players who participated at the 2015 Telus Cup Midget AAA National Championship tournament: Riley Woods, Gary Haden, Kurtis Chapman, Zach Cox and Trygve Many Guns.  Also joining the 1998 born prospects at camp is 2013 2nd round pick (28th overall), defenceman Liam Schioler.

Belinski '00
Gardiner '99
Haden '99
Holmes '99
Lockner '00
Ossman '99
Sillinger '00
Steel '98
Welke '99

Bruce '99
Lenchyshyn '00
Williams '00
Woytcke '98
Freadrich '98
Perich '00

Chapman '98
Paddock '00


Coughlin '99
Cox '99
Elmer '98
Krane '00
Leschyshyn '99
Many Guns '98
Richards '98
Szeremley '99
Woods '98

Barteaux '00
Ewert '99
Johnston '00
Pryhitka '00
Sandstrom '99
Schioler '98

Hollett '99
Laidlaw '99

Im assuming Steel is invited to this camp due to his injury and the Pats brass wants to see how his injury has healed.
Nice to see the 98's taking part and we finally get to see this Many Guns kid along with Richards as if I recall he wasn't here during main camp last year.
Hoping with Schioler coming to this camp its a good sign that he is going to commit to the Pats finally.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

PATS vs BRONCOS 1st rd playoff matchup

Regina  3-4-0-1
Swift Current 5-3-0-0

Swift Current outscored Regina  24-21

Regina 2/28  7.1%
Swift Current 7/36   19.4%

Regina 29/36   20.6%
Swift Current 26/28   92.9%

                                           G                     A
Steel                                   3                       3
Brooks                                3                      1
D'Amico                             3                      1
Christoffer                          2                      1
Gabrielle                             2                      1
Padakin                               1                      2
McAmmond                       1                       2
Zborovskiy                         1                       1
Wagner                               1                       1
Cole                                    1                       1
Williams                             0                       2
Leschyshyn                         1                       0
Hansen                                0                       1
Cooper                                0                       1
Hobbs                                 0                       1

Players Traded Away          2                       11


                                           G                       A
DeBrusk                             5                         7
Cave                                   7                         3
Rigby                                  2                        5
Gordon                               2                        5
Lajoie                                 1                        4
Gawdin                              0                         5
Merkely                             3                         1
Lernout                              2                         2
Heatherington                    0                         2
Leth                                    0                         2
LeSann                               1                         0
Mackay                              0                          1
Nikkel                                0                          1


Wapple-  2-3-0-1  164shots/149saves  .908SV%   2.50GAA
Brown-   1-1-0-0    85shots/78saves   .918SV%  3.00GAA

Bow- 5-3-0-0   289shots/271saves   .938SV%  2.40GAA
Child- 0-0-0-0   23shots/21saves   .913SV%   4.00GAA   (came in relief only played 1/2 a game)

Keeping the topic on the goalies.... Wapple was voted among his peers (players & coaches) as the 3rd best goalie in the Eastern Conference, the Pats will need to see this during the course of this series against the much bigger more vetern team that the Broncos have. Landon Bow has been a Pats killer all season long, big body who blocks shots and the Pats must find a way to solve him if they are going to have any success in the 1st round.

Anyone who follows the WHL even the slightest bit should know that the Broncos are a much older more vetern team, one would think built for this time of the year. The Pats on the other hand are a much younger group looking forward at the years to come, but lets not kid ourselves here the Pats could still make some noise in the playoffs. The Pats haven't had much to play for during the last 3 week or so as the Broncos never were a serious threat to over take 2nd spot in the Division, if I recall correctly the closest they got after the trade deadline was within 6pts and then would slip back.

The last few weeks the Pats have developed some very bad defensive habits due to not playing any meaningful games. I really hope they can flip that switch and bring the intensity when its needed as there is no more second chances, one bad play can change the momentum of a series and before you know it your getting your golf clubs ready. I wonder how much energy the Broncos have left as they have playing some very intense type games holding onto the final playoff spot right down to the 72nd game of the season, if the Pats can jump out on them early with some physical play and get an early goal or 2 it could go along ways. 

Friday, 13 March 2015

Important Weekend For Playoff Matchups

This weekend the 2nd last weekend of the regular season in the WHL has some very important home & home series within our division.....

SC vs PA
I had written PA off along time ago but with Swift Current's recent 7 game losing streak with no loser points it has allowed Prince Albert to crawl back into things despite only going 5-4-0-1 in their last 10 games. If PA can win both games this weekend without taking either game to OT they will be 2pts back of SC, after this weekend PA is in tough as they play back to back games against MH & then close out the season against our Regina Pats

Again due to Swift Current's 7 game losing streak and MJ playing their best hockey of the season going 6-3-1 it has allowed MJ to crawl within 2pts of SC and the Warriors are looking to have a strong weekend against the Pats and possibly over take SC for the 3rd spot in the East Division if the Raiders can help them out with some key wins over the Broncos.

The Regina Pats themselves just have to keep playing like how they have the past few games, these past 4 games or 5 games have been some of their most complete games they have played all year long. If the Pats can continue with their current play to close the season out and into the playoffs us Pats fans just may be finally seeing some 2nd round playoff action something that we have only seen once in the last 16yrs.

Saturday, 14 February 2015

WHL Season Ticket Prices Around the League

Here is a list of WHL Season Ticket Prices for the 2014/15 season league wide......

ADULT-$450                 SENIORS-$400
STUDENT- N/A            CHILD-$200

ADULT               SENIORS            STUDENT            CHILD
red- $613              red-$448              red-$410                 red-$306
copper-$533         copper-$389        copper-$351           copper-266
blue-$424             blue-$294            blue-294                 blue-$195

RED-$1049      GOLD-$709    BLUE- $549  (Area seating prices only)

 BLUE-$895  SILVER-$695 GREEN-$525 PURPLE-$595 RED-$450 ORANGE-$430
(Area seating prices only)

ADULT- $426                 SENIORS-$374
STUDENT-$252             YOUTH-$170

CLUB SEATING $426 (applies to anyone who wants seats in this area)

ADULT-$530                  SENIORS-$412
STUDENT-$412              YOUTH-$272

CLUB SEATING $734 (applies to anyone who wants seats in this area)

ADULT- $565                 SENIORS-$465
STUDENT- $415            YOUTH- $365

ADULT-$414               SENIORS-$305
STUDENT-$415            YOUTH-$125

ADULT-$499             SENIORS-  N/A
STUDENT-$259         YOUTH-$159

ADULT-$460             SENIORS- N/A
STUDENT-$310         YOUTH-$185

WHITE-$940  BLUE-$755  PURPLE-$698  RED-$698 ORANGE-$584
                       YELLOW1-$464     YELLOW2-$327
(Area seating prices only)

ADULT-$540/$441             SENIORS-$468/386
 (area seating only applies to adults & seniors)
STUDENT-$358                  YOUTH-$187

ADULT-$538                   SENIORS-$362
STUDENT-$358               YOUTH-$224

ADULT $564 ($599 AFTER MAY 30, 2014)
SENIOR (65+) $464 ($499 AFTER MAY 30, 2014)
YOUTH (13-17) $464 ($499 AFTER MAY 30, 2014)
CHILD (3-12) $299


ADULT-$565                     SENIORS-$450
STUDENT-$360                YOUTH-$180

CLUB SEATING $666 (applies to anyone who wants seats in this area)

CLUB- $975  GLASS-$738  PREMIUM-$576
(Area seating prices only)

ADULT PRICES.....PURPLE-$595 YELLOW-$520 RED-$470 BLUE-$405 GREEN-$362



ADULT-$788               SENIORS-$659
STUDENT-$492           YOUTH-$383

GOLD- $639     RED-$549
(Area seating prices only)

ADULT............ SIDES-$612    CORNERS-$522    UPPER-$414

CLUB-$892          KING CLUB-$1172
(applies to anyone who wants seats in this area)

Monday, 9 February 2015

Recent 4 game winning streak

 A few people have said to not get too excited over our recent 4 game winning streak as the wins have came over 3 of the worst teams in the Eastern Conference but I say BS to that. In this league if you don't show up to play more times then not you will be on the losing side of things no matter who you are playing.

 Look at Lethbridge game for example as one of the teams we have beat during this streak they took both games this past weekend against the 2nd best team in the Conference in the Medicine Hat Tigers. The game against PA we held on  to the win as PA controlled the 3rd period and had 2 late PP's to try and tie the game, then we have the Saskatoon game where yes we controlled basically all of that game besides the 1st 6 mins of the game where Saskatoon was spoon fed PP after PP which included a double minor and two 5on3 PPs.... Wapple held us in early and the team responded and took control of the game after that, if it wasn't for Nik Amundrud the Pats would of rolled over them and the score would of been out of hand instead of the Blades leading 2-1 after 2 periods of play.

When you look at the players involved in the 4-2 win over Spokane and see just how young our lineup really was as we were missing a very key 19yr forward in Taylor Cooper as well as Adam Brooks those 2 guys combined have 41 goals and 86pts as our 2 leading scorers.
We had............
(3) '98
(9) '97
(1) '96
(3) '95
(3) '94
That's a very young team that didn't shy away from the physical game the Chiefs brought into town.

Connor Hobbs and Jesse Gabrielle are really coming into their own with this club over the past 5 or 6 games. Both these players just keep getting better and better as time progresses, yes there will still be some lumps along the way like with every 17yr old, but both players are taking the key minutes they are getting and excelling with it.

In back to back games the Pats had 2 prospects call-up and neither 1 disappointed in either game. First up was Jake Leschyshyn on Friday night against the Blades, Leschyshyn was playing with Wagner & Chirstoffer which game him a lot of ice time for a 15yr old with very key players for this team. Jake saw PP time as well as a shift or 2 on the PK, needless to say Leschyshyn was rewarded for his efforts with his first career goal with a tip in well standing infront of the goalie. Next up was Jake Elmer against the Chiefs where he found himself playing on the wing with Steel & Padakin, again another prospect playing with key members of our club to get lots of ice time. Elmer saw PP time as well and did a lot of very good things, his only blemish was failing to control the puck on the PP along the boards which resulted in the PK to be able to pressure Williams along the wall and force a turnover which ended up in the back of our net.

This may be becoming like a broken record but every Pats fan should be seeing the promise and the future with this club, the future also includes the remainder of this season as well. Both prospects who played the last 2 games will be on the club next season along with Berg who has been very impressive during his recent call-up.